Another day of sadness; life’s too wonderful to cut it short ….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi, friends and readers:

After yesterday’s post about Bradley’s friend, Zach, killing himself, I’ve received an avalanche of comments, expressing grief and sorrow over Zach’s death. Was there anything anyone could have done to prevent what happened? I don’t think there’s a legitimate answer to that question. We can’t climb inside Zach’s head to find out just how miserable and lonely he felt when he went to school each day. It seems even his best friend was clueless about the inner anguish Zach felt.

sad boy #14Let me say this: as long as young gay men are persecuted, even subtly , we will have more suicides. I remember how hard it was for me in high school, and that was a long time ago. Sometimes we think things have changed; that gay kids aren’t intimidated and made to feel guilty about their feelings. But things are still bad out there, folks, especially in rural areas of our country.

If you have not heard of The Trevor Project, please check out their website. Here’s the link:

These folks are doing wonderful things to prevent gay teen suicides, so if you know a young gay person who is struggling, please tell them about The Trevor Project. You just might save a life if you do.

May I also say this: yes, I went through all sorts of struggles with my sexuality. Sometimes, things looked pretty bleak. But here I am, forty years after I came out to friends and family, and I am one of the happiest persons I know. I played a round of golf with friends today, and we had such a beautiful afternoon together. If you are feeling low, my friend, hang in there. Things will get better; I am living proof of that.

Have a nice Saturday night, all.

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