A bit of philosophy, and a guy losing his shirt ….

lifeHi, friends and readers:

I’m not much on philosophy. I took a class on the subject during college: Kant, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and the rest, and I found the subject rather boring. But I do like the thought expressed to the left; it sort of summarizes my view on life. Longevity is not the end game. You’ll find yourself playing things far too safely. Risk is part of life; you never experience much important if you don’t take chances.

Whatever time you’re given on Earth, you ought to make it count, in whatever manner you choose. Look, I see peoples’ obits every day who are 10 or 15 years older than me, and I think to myself, “I hope he spent a summer in Europe.” Or, “I hope he at least tried to play an instrument or wrote a story during his lifetime. I hope he explored his sexuality to the fullest, and I hope he took a little time to inspire the young people in his life.” But some people go through life doing what’s expected of them, without ever indulging in an original thought. And I think to myself, “How sad, they could have done better.”

losing his shirtOn to other matters …. Do you like the photo at left as much as I do? The guy is sexy, of course, but when I look at the photo a smile creeps across my face. You can tell the young man’s reveling in the beauty of the day, and in his youthful energy. What’s better than losing your shirt when you’re outdoors on a sunny day?

We’ve finished all our housework today. All my boyfriend’s things are nestled in the attic. The house is sparkling clean; it smells like a pine forest. Afterward, we took a nice swim in the Gulf of Mexico. We brought our rafts and floated about on the little waves. the salt-laden air smelled great, and I enjoyed the feel of sunshine on my skin. Trust me, there’s nothing like living on a Gulf Coast barrier island.

In about half-hour from now, our friend and neighbor will host us for a round of martinis. I don’t often drink martinis, but when I do, I find they offer a buzz unlike any other cocktail. They tend to put one in a happy cocoon. Troubles? What troubles? Pour me another martini, please. Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

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