Nice little video: lover boys getting passionate

lover boys #2Hi, friends and readers:

When my boyfriend has a day off, we try to devote plenty of time to getting affectionate. It’s important to stay close when you’re in a committed relationship, and that means physical closeness as well as mental. The guys in this morning’s video post certainly seem to like each other, don’t they?

lover boys #2It’s mid-morning, here on the island. Already, the day has turned steamy, and by noon the temperature will reach ninety-two in the shade. We are dedicating a large part of this afternoon to re-arranging our attic to accommodate my boyfriend’s possessions we brought down from Gainesville. Then we’ll clean our house from top to bottom; it needs it, believe me. Okay, it’s not the most exciting way to spend the better part of our day, but chores like that are so much easier when you do them together. Besides, you can always steal a smooch now and then, while you work.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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