Sexy, shirtless guys; easy day for Martin ….

phone callHi, friends and readers:

Some guys should never wear a shirt, so we can admire their rippling muscles and carved chests. I mean. have a look at the guy above. He’s a total babe, and I’ll bet he doesn’t even know just how sexy he looks, talking on his cell phone while the sunshine highlights his carved physique. Aye-yi-yi. Is that an European license tag on the track behind him? From which country?

shirtless #15It’s been an easy day for me and my boyfriend today. We walked the beach quite early this morning, and then we took a swim in the Intracoastal Water-way. We spent a lazy morning, hanging around the house, and then we visited the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. Our golf lesson was cancelled due to rain, so now we are home.

My boyfriend’s playing in a softball game tonight, but I’m staying , to do a little work on my new novel. I’ll dirnk a few beers and enjoy a simply dinner. Maybe I’ll watch a Netflix rental, The Kid With a BIke. Anyone seen it?

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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