More cute guys in ball caps; Martin’s hitting the road ….

ball cap backward #10Hi, friends and readers:

My “hot guys in ball caps” post yesterday was quite a hit, so I thought I’d share two more photos this morning. The guys are cute, aren’t they?

I’m up early, but I skipped my beach walk this morning. For one thing, the surface down there in the morning is not conducive to walking barefoot. Also, in a few few hours we’ll pack up the Element. Then we’ll drive northward for about ninety minutes, to spend a weekend playing golf with two friends at three different courses.

I know that sounds like a lot of golf, but we’ll have fun, and I need the practice. Relatives are lending us their house for the weekend; the house is located right where all the golf courses are, so it’s a nearly perfect situation.

ball cap #5I received a nice comment from a reader named Jason in Colorado, who juts finished reading my novel, Loving Samuel. He had this to say:

“I really liked this book because I can relate to Nick (the main character) so much. Domestic violence between my parents, and other family members, was part of my life when I grew up, and I promised myself I wouldn’t put up with violence when I became an adult. I admit it’s also kept me from finding a committed relationship.

“I’m 23 now and still haven’t had a steady boyfriend. I don’t want my feelings hurt, but I can see how sometimes you have to take a chance like Nick did with Samuel. Of course, Samuel wasn’t perfect, but then who is? At least they ended up happy. Thanks for writing this story. I have read it twice.”

Thanks for writing, Jason. Don’t give up on love; it’s out there.

Okay, friends, I won’t post again until late Sunday afternoon, so you’ll have to survive without me tomorrow. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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