A pair of sexy, shirtless guys; Martin’s home from his golf weekend ….

shirtless #8Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve said this more times than you care to hear, I know: some guys should never wear shirts, at least not when they are home or at the beach. The two young men on tonight’s photos posts are the type I speak of. They look so amazing with the lean physiques, smooth skins,  and rippling muscles. Yummy …

Well, I know I did not post yesterday or this morning. If you follow this site, then you know I spent three days playing golf at three different courses about an hour north of here, in west central Florida. We played rounds on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and again this morning. The weather cooperated, although temperatures grew quite warm around noon, but we started our Friday round at four PM, and our weekend rounds around nine AM, so the worst of the heat was already gone.

shirtless #10Here’s the good news: I played the best two rounds of golf I have ever played, yesterday and today. My entire game has improved, especially my putting, and my tee-shots were pretty consistent. This was quite gratifying for me, as I have worked steadily on my game for about eighteen months, and it’s nice to see progress.

You see, persistence does pay off. You can’t allow yourself to become discouraged when it seems like you’re getting nowhere. And that goes for most any pursuit, whether you’re talking sports, business, or any other goal-oriented activity.

We didn’t get home today, until around three-thirty PM, and we are both a little tired. A nice, warm shower helped ease my achy muscles and my tired feet. This cold beer I am sipping is restoring some of the dehydration I experienced on the golf course today. I am looking forward to a relaxing dinner, here at home.

Have a nice Sunday night, everyone, and get rid of those shirts ….

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