Getting head while driving. How safe is that?

car blow jobHi, friends and readers:

Have a look at tonight’s video post. If I am not mistaken, the young man behind the wheel is receiving a blow job from another guy while they’re in transit. Okay, the driver’s hot; I probably wouldn’t pass up a chance to toss his salad, but is sucking the driver’s cock in a moving vehicle safe. Isn’t it distracting for the driver, like texting? H-m-m-m, these are weighty questions. Anyone have an opinion?

blow jobHere’s another video I find interesting. Exactly what is going on? Alright, I now the guy on the right is getting blown by the guy on the left, but what kind of position is that? What’s the guy on the right standing on? It appears the guy giving the blow job is bent over a sofa’s back. And what’s with all those plugs on the wall. Are they in a utility room or something?

Why must gay sex videos be so confusing?

I’m home form a great afternoon. My YMCA workout and lap-swimming were quite satisfying, and so was my trip to the golf course. The temperature, of course, was mighty hot, around 92 degrees, but a little breeze blew, keeping things bearable. Now I’m home in the a/c, ready for a quiet night. I’m sipping from a cold beer, and thinking about how fortunate I am to lead the life I have.

Enjoy your Monday night, friends.

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