Sexy guys in plaid shirts; nice comment from a bi-sexual reader on “I’m Bi Myself” ….

blue plaid shirtHi, friends and readers:

What is it about a plaid shirt that flatters a young man’s appearance so, especially if he keeps the shirt unbuttoned? I don’t know the answer, but I sure like the way the guys in today’s photo posts look in theirs. Which guy do you like better?

It’s a very steamy day, here on my little island. I took my three-mile walk on the beach, about 7:30 this morning. A small breeze blew, keeping things bearable, but now it’s close to noon and way too hot to do anything outdoors. I spent my morning doing edits on my mega-novel, and soon my boyfriend and I will share a pleasant lunch. He has to work this evening, but not until around four PM, so we’ll have our afternoon pretty much to ourselves. I have a few ideas on what we might do to pass the time. I wonder if I can convince him to wear a plaid shirt?

plaid shirtLast night, I received a nice comment from a reader named Billy, about my anthology, I’m Bi Myself. He said this:

“I consider myself bi-sexual, but you’d be amazed how many people tell me I’m not really bi, that I’m gay and don’t want to admit it but it’s not true. I really do like both dudes and women, and I’m not ashamed of it. I liked your book, especially the story “Points of View” because Olaf reminded me of myself. I’m kind of shy until someone gets forward with me, and then I open up and I’m down with whatever, doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or chick.”

Thanks for writing, Billy. I’ve heard people say most bi-sexual men are truly gay, but they claim to be bi-sexual to “save face.” When I hear this, I always think, “Huh?” I can truthfully say I have known a few bi-sexual men in my life. They’re pretty rare, but they do exist, and I say: hey, whatever works for them, as long as they’re honest about who they are with the people they form relationships with.

What I can’t abide are closeted gay men who marry women and then sneak around with guys on the side. It’s deceitful and so unfair to the wife. I say: be who you are. It’s the best policy.

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