It’s “Beautiful Butts” Sunday today. Will Martin get to golf?

buttsHi, friends and readers:

I ask you: is there anything sexier than a firm, rounded male behind?


I really like both photos I have posted here this morning, especially the top photo. Why wasn’t I invited to the swim outing?

My boyfriend left for work around 9:30 this morning, and after I read the Sunday newspaper, I made myself get active: I made the bed, did a load of laundry, used the leaf blower on our patio, and even watered our houseplants. Not bad, eh?

butt #7This afternoon, I’m supposed to play golf with an old pal of mine and his girlfriend, but the weather’s looking pretty dicey. The sky is full of dark clouds, and the weatherman says we’re due for showers, but we’ll see. Our tee time isn’t until four PM, and perhaps the skies will clear by then. You never know what’ll happen on summer afternoons in west central Florida.

I received quite a few comments on my post about Gay Pride Day and the lack of respect some attendants showed at our city’s parade this year.

One person said, “You need to lighten up, Martin. People were just having fun, let them be.”

Well, maybe so. I guess if one of the guys in today’s photo posts was present at the parade, I would like to see his bare butt on the street. Does that make me a hypocrite? Okay, everyone, have a nice Sunday, wherever you may be today.


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