Sexy boys in hoodies; damp night on the island ….

hoodie #5Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know why hoodies compliment some guys’ faces, but it’s true. Have a look at the two young men in tonight’s photos posts; don’t they look great in theirs?

The boy to the left looks like a total sweetie, doesn’t he. I wonder what his story is, and how the photographer convinced him to pose for this excellent black and white portrait? I love the expression on his face, and the look in his eye. I wonder what sorts of secrets he carries with him?

Any guesses?

My trip to the YMCA was okay, but a huge storm hit the city around 2:30 PM: thunder, lightning, and a deluge of rain that forced the YMCA to close the pool. No laps for Martin, plus I had to wait twenty minutes, just to run to my car. The rain fell so hard I had to drive in street level. Visibility would have been zero on the Interstate Highway.

hoodie #10Have a look at the guy to the left. He looks like a total smart-ass, the type you’d like to seduce when he’s drunk on Patron shots. Check out that tongue and the wink he’s giving the camera. Don’t you know he’d be a wild one in the bedroom?

I’m home alone now; my boyfriend’s at work, and the rain has finally stopped, but the island’s as damp as a dishrag. I’m huddling in the air conditioning, getting ready to prepare dinner: leftover shrimp Creole over pasta. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

I’ll watch my Netflix rental I mentioned this morning, and then tomorrow I’ll let you know if the film’s any good. Anything with Philip Seymour Hoffman usually is. If you’ve never seen his film, Capote, please do so. It’s his best performance, in my opinion, though I don’t claim to be a cinema expert. I only know what I like and, honestly, 90% of the films out there I don’t care to see. Why watch people getting shot, or aliens taking over our world? I don’t care for super heroes, either. Can’t Hollywood make movies about real people dealing with real problems?

Have a nice Friday night, friends. Thanks for stopping by.

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