Cute skateboarders; Martin’s going fishing ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve always liked skateboarders. They are independent types and dedicated to their sport, which takes a lot of work to get good at. And they are mostly genuine guys, no pretension whatsoever. Anyway, I think the guys i the two photos I have posted here today are pretty sexy, don’t you?

I was up early this morning to run errands necessary for my fishing trip. Now all I have to do is load up the Element with my gear, and then I’m off. I’ll spend three nights up at the river, so you won’t be hearing from me until Tuesday. Do you think you can survive that long without me?

Trip to the fishing camp are always fun. It’s a beautiful and isolated place. Our cabin has solar power and a generator, a gravity water system, a propane fridge and stove, and a toilet. It’s a civilized place with a nice screened porch overlooking the river.

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I know the lad in the photo to the left is a bit young, but you can tell in a few years he’ll be a hottie.

It’s a real pretty day, here at my island home. And it’ll be a few degrees cooler up at the camp, since it’s 75 miles north of here. With any luck I’ll catch some fish to bring home for a nice meal with friends. While I’m gone I hope all of you guys have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Stay out of trouble and keep smiling. 🙂

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