Beautiful Joey Mills; quiet Saturday on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The beautiful lad you see to the left here is a porn model who goes under the name Joey Mills. He works for Helix Studios, which is based in central Europe, I believe. Who knows what Joey’s real name is, probably Vaclav.

Anyway, Joey is one of the world’s most popular porn stars, and if once you’ve seen his work you will understand why. The funny thing is, Joey wears orthodontic braces on his teeth, which would pose quite a challenge, I would think, when he’s giving head. Nonetheless, he’s quite successful and you can see stills form his videos here:

Yesterday I had one of those weird nights where I went to bed early, then woke at four AM. I read for an hour, then went back to sleep, and didn’t wake up until ten AM. Oh well, at least I am well-rested, and I need to be.

Today we’ll have overcast skies all day long, and that’s important at this time of year in central Florida. In June it’s terribly hot, so when we have overcast skies I take advantage of the cooler weather to perform yard work that I’ve been putting off while I await a cooler day. Just after lunch I’ll put on my grub clothes and gardening gloves, and then I’ll get to work raking leaves, trimming bushes, and so forth. I don’t mind the work, and when it’s done my home will look much better. I take pride in the way my house looks, and by the end of the afternoon it will shine. Okay, I’ll be weary, but that’s okay.

I’m thinking I may have relatives over for dinner tonight. I can prepare shrimp and pasta dish that’s really tasty, and maybe enjoy a cold bottle of white wine. Have a nice Saturday, friends.

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