Boys getting lusty; lazy Sunday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, the age-old practice of chewing the bed sheet while your boyfriend enters you from the rear. We’ve all done it, I daresay. With pleasure comes a little pain, and the boy on the bottom in the photo to the left, doesn’t seem too upset by his situation, does he? I know, he’s porn actor Joey Miller, and he’s been plowed so many times he probably doesn’t even feel pain when he’s penetrated, but he does a good job of making it seem like it hurts.

Chew that sheet, Joey. What’s the thread count?

Well, I spent a very nice evening with my ex-partner, having dinner out at a seafood place and then attending the St. Pete Pride parade. The turnout was pretty good and the floats were interesting. Thankfully it didn’t rain.

Okay, here are two more guys going at it. Again, the guy getting penetrated (This time by a tongue.) doesn’t seem at all bothered by the intrusion. 😉

I’m afraid I consumed far too many beers at the parade last night and I am feeling rather lazy as I write these words. I’ve already done a good deal of editing on my novel-in-progress, and I’m about to have some lunch. My only plans for today are to read the newspaper and late this afternoon I’ll take a two-mile run, here on the island.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.


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