Guys with amazing butts; steamy evening on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you follow this site then you know I am a huge fan of the male rear end. I find a smooth, rounded and firm ass about the most beautiful part of a guy who owns one, like the two in tonight’s photo posts. You just want to grab those beautiful cheeks and squeeze them. And imagine snuggling in bed with the guy to the left here. You could put your hips right against his cheeks when the two of you lie spoon-style. So hot. 🙂

Well, I got some good work done in the writing department, but that’s about all I got done due to my car being serviced. The Honda dealers is a half-hour drive from my house.

My ex-partner picked me up at the dealer and then he spent the better part of the day studying for his bar exam. We had a nice lunch out, and then around three PM we drove back to the Honda dealer to pick up my Element. Well, at least that’s done.

Now, I don’t normally go in for beefcake; I like my guys on the slender side. But I do find the guy to the left pretty amazing, especially his beefy butt. Amazing, really. And don’t you know he’d be a beast in the bedroom? Aye-yi-yi …. 😉

I’m back at home now, and all by myself, but in about 90 minutes my sister, who’s staying next door in my vacation rental, is coming over for a glass of wine and a chat, which I’m looking forward to. She and I were always very close when we were growing up, and we still are. She’s easy to talk to about personal matters, always a good listener.

Other than preparing dinner, I don’t have much else planned for my evening. I may ask a friend to join me at my timeshare for a swim if he’s up for it. If not I may just go by myself. A moonlit swim on a steamy night like tonight might be nice. And who knows, maybe a guy with a nice butt will be at the pool. 🙂 Have a nice Monday night, friends.


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