Hot guys in blue briefs; good Thursday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the two photos  have posted here tonight. Both guys are beautiful. And isn’t it amazing how a simple pair of blue briefs can look so good on the right guy?

I don’t know which guy I like better, but then I don’t have to choose, do I?

I’ve had a good day so far, after getting off to a slow start this morning. I got some solid work done in the writing department. I took care of correspondence and made a few phone calls. Right after lunch I took a three mile walk on the beach, which was delightful, albeit steamy. About the time I returned to the house the breeze picked up so I decided to perform some yard work.

Now, yard work means different things to different homeowners. I don’t have any grass on my property, just trees, shrubs, and patios. But it’s still a lot of work to keep things neat and growing. I raked up fallen pine needles and leaves. I used a leaf blower on my patios. I planted a new shrub, and then I re-potted a large fern that was root bound, into a larger pot. I watered my Confederate jasmine vines and my plants on my back porch. And I spread mulch in the shrubbery bed under my observation deck. By the time I was done I was tired and sweaty, but it felt good getting all these things done.

Since tonight is Thursday, in just a few minutes I will drive into the city to spend a few hours with one of my oldest friends. We’ll drink a few beers and swap some stories, and then we’ll get some takeout for our dinner. My friend is sort of house bound by his bipolar disorder, and I feel good about our weekly visits. I enjoy them as much as he does.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends. Keep smiling. 🙂

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