Cute guys in the car; I’m up with the Midnight Disease ….

Hi, friends and readers:

All boys love cars. I know I did when I was in my late teens and bought my first car, an older junker Ford that often overheated. It didn’t matter. My car gave me freedom to go where I chose to whenever I wanted to.

I still love the car I own today, my Honda Element. Yeah, it looks like a bread toaster, but it’s super-reliable, comfortable, and holds a ton of stuff for surfing trips, camping, and visits to my fishing cabin. It’s indestructible.

Well, it is four AM on Tuesday morning and I am wide awake. My usual cure for the Midnight Disease, as Michael Chabon calls it, is to drink a beer. But I’m on a campaign to cut back on my alcohol consumption, so beer is out of the question.  Instead I ate some potato salad and a few red grapes, and now I’m making this post. Eventually I will get back to sleep.

I have a busy day ahead. I actually have a mid-morning date with someone I met online. Then I have an early-afternoon meeting with my handyman. I need to get a haircut, and then make my weekly visit to the wine market. I’m spending this evening at a friend’s house, and I suppose we’ll dine out at a seafood place.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

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