Sexy little video for you spanking aficionados ….

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Hi, friends and readers:

There are many daddy/son relationships in the gay subculture. That’s a proven fact. And it’s also true that spankings play an integral part in such relationships. Spankings remind the son that he is not the decision-maker, that there are rules to be followed and consequences when they are not.

Anyway, I know many of you find spankings sexy, and for you I’m providing a link to a video where a daddy provides his son with a serious dose of bare bottom discipline. There’s nothing fake about this session. Youch ….

It’s dreadfully hot on the island today. I didn’t get to go to the YMCA because I had a window and screen repairman coming to the house about one PM, so I’m stuck here for the day. 🙁

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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