Hot boys and their cameras; easy Saturday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Most selfies are uninspiring. I don’t really see want to see what sort of things a guy keeps on his bathroom vanity. But sometimes I come across a few selfies I find very inspiring, like the two I have posted here this evening.

I mean, have a look at Mr. Gray Sweatpants to the left here. Great body. Nice skin and hair. Just the right amount of muscle. Imagine loosening the drawstring on those sweatpants and watching them drop to his ankles. Yummy …. 😉

I’m posting late today, for no particular reason. I actually had a nice day, even though I spent it alone. I worked on a writing project this morning, and then around eleven AM I took a three mile walk on the beach. It was really nice down there because a steady 10 MPH breeze blew form the west, keeping things comfortable. I didn’t even break a sweat during the walk.

After my walk I took a swim in the Gulf. There were sizable waves rolling in, so I could actually body surf. The water was clear and warm, and the shore was crowded with kids using boogie boards.

Do you like the photo to the left here as much as I do? He’s a handsome lad with a lean body. But he needs to peel that label off the bill of his ball cap. 🙂 I’m guessing he’s Felipe from Chicago. He’s trying to seducer a neighbor girl with his selfie, but she foolishly won’t take the bait, leaving Felipe with no choice but to meet up with his friend Enrique. Have fun guys!

I’m going to share takeout pizza with my good friend and neighbor, and then we’re going to watch a Netflix rental. I think we’ll go for a swim in our neighbor’s pool, too. Anyway, it’ll be a relaxing evening. Have a great Saturday night, friends.

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