Beautiful divers; Martin’s back from a nice fishing trip ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve never attended a swim meet where diving competitions are held. But after looking at the photos I’ve posted here this afternoon, I think I might enjoy a swim meet. 😉

Doesn’t Mr. Green Speedo look good as he plunges toward the pool surface? Aye-yi-yi, what a beautiful body ….

Well, just a couple of hours ago I returned from spending two days and nights at my fishing camp. I went there with a straight friend I have know since he was in high school. He’s in  his mid-thirties now, and we get along really well despite our age difference. He’s a bright and friendly guy who has worked for some large financial firms, but right now he’s taking time off to re-think his life and where it’s headed, so he had the time to go up there with me.

Thursday afternoon we went fishing with live shrimp. My friend caught a monster redfish, a six-pound beauty, while I caught a three-pounder. We filleted them when we got back to camp, and into the ice cooler they went.

Friday morning we took the boat out into the Gulf of Mexico and into the grass flats to harvest scallops in about six feet of crystal clear water. It was beautiful out there, with just a light breeze to keep things cool. In 2-1/2 hours we filled a five-gallon bucket of scallops we later cleaned on my cabin’s front screened porch that overlooks the river.

We put the scallops on ice as well, and early next week we will put together a seafood dinner at my house, and we’ll invite a friend or two to join us in enjoying the feast. There is nothing better than fresh seafood from the Gulf, and I am so looking forward to the meal.

I’m spending tonight with my ex-partner at the house he just moved into, which I haven;t yet seen. We’ll drink a few beers, prepare dinner and enjoy each other’s company. I’m looking forward to that as well. 🙂

Have a nice Saturday evening, friends.


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