One more sexy beach boy; Martin’s going to a birthday party ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since everyone liked this morning’s “beach boy” photos I posted, this evening I thought I’d put up one more that I really like. The guy is slender, with beautiful hair and skin, definitely boyfriend material. I wonder what color his eyes are? I’m guessing chocolate brown, my favorite.

I had a good workout at the YMCA today but didn’t get to swim laps because the pool was too crowded. 🙁 So I drove home and got to work on correspondence.

In just about a half-hour I will drive down the street to attend one of my best friend’s birthday party. There will be food and booze and good company, so I know it will be fun, plus I only have to drive several blocks to get home. Outside it’s windy and warm. Storms are rolling in off the Gulf now and then, part of some weather system.

Have a nice Friday night, friends.

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