Beautiful surfers; Martin’s going to ride waves today ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I have surfed since I was a teenager. Back then we had decent surf on the Gulf coast but not anymore.

Now I’ve never been a good surfer. I just don’t get to surf often enough to stay in practice. But up until three years ago I used to go surfing on Florida’s east coast about ten times per year. Then my knees gave out and I could not surf any longer. Nor could I jog or hike.

I got sick of being a semi-cripple, so in May 2015 I had double knee replacement surgery. It has taken me two years of physical therapy and gym training to get my knees back to normal, but I think I am finally ready to surf again. So in just about an hour I will put my board on the Element’s roof rack. I will pick up a good friend and his girlfriend, and then we’ll drive over to Brevard County for my first surfing adventure in three years.

I have no idea how well my knees will perform, but there’s only one way to find out. Wish me luck, friends. And keep smiling. 🙂