A pair of super-handsome guys; rainy morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes I’m out in a public place and I’ll see a young man who literally takes my breath away because he’s so attractive. Usually this is at the beach, in a retail store or maybe a restaurant. But those kind of encounters can make my day.

I think the guys in this morning’s photo posts fall into that category. They are simply too beautiful to describe in words. The boy in the upper photo reminds me very much of a fraternity brother I had at University of Florida. His name was Jerry and I had a huge crush on him. I wonder where Jerry is today?

The guy to the left here reminds me of a guy my sister dated when I was fourteen. His name was Dan and he drove a motorcycle and sometimes he’d give me a ride on his bike. I’d wrap my arms around his waist and feel like I was in heaven as we cruised along the beach highway near my home.

I wrote a story about my relationship with Dan titled A Beautiful Motorcycle.  It appears in my short fiction anthology titled I’m Bi Myself. The story is part true and part fiction. Whenever I read it I’m reminded of the intense desire I felt for Dan during the year he dated my sister. I wonder where Dan is today?

I woke to the sound of rain pounding my roof this morning. Hurricane Harvey, which struck Texas last night, is sending rain bands our way, which I’m fine with. The rain keeps things cool.

Today my ex-partner and I are visiting IKEA in Tampa where I’ll buy a sofa bed to put in a room that me ex used as his office during law school. The room already has an armoire in it and now it will function as a guest bedroom.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone. Keep smiling. 🙂