Sexy boys in white briefs; easy Tuesday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in high school and college all the guys wore white briefs. You never saw a single guy in boxer shorts or colored briefs. I’m not sure when that changed, but I still think certain guys can look pretty hot when all they are wearing are a pair of tight-fitting white briefs, like the the two young men in today’s photo posts. Yummy ….

I spent a quiet evening by myself last night. I needed to get some work done in the writing department in the earlier part of the evening, and once I finished I made myself a nice shrimp dish for my dinner, along with a garden salad. After dinner I sat on my front porch swing and listened to the rain fall. Hurricane Harvey continues to dump moisture on Florida, which is fine by me, it helps keep things cool. I’m so tired of the summer heat.

Now check out Mr. Beefy Butt to the left here. He sure fills out those white briefs nicely, doesn’t he? And what a great pair of legs, the kind you like to run your fingers over when he’s lying next to you in bed. 😉

I have an easy day ahead of me. I already spent two hours writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress. I spent a half-hour on the phone with my sister, who’s traveling cross-country with her husband right now. And I spent a half-hour completing the L.A. Times crossword puzzle. Now it’s lunch time, and after I dine I’ll hit the road to run a few errands: wine market, supermarket and drug store.

I may be hosting a guy I’m seeing tonight for beers and a little intimacy, and dinner afterward. He’s a nice guy and quite attractive. But last night he wasn’t feeling well, so he may have to cancel. We’ll see.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone. Keep smiling. 🙂