Sexy basketball players; hurricane has everything on hold in central Florida ….

Hi,, friends and readers:

Since everyone liked yesterday’s post featuring sexy football players I decided to focus on basketball players today instead. I don’t know about you, but I find the guy to the left here terribly attractive. I could watch him run around the court all day if he’s keep his shirt off. And imagine running your fingers through his mop of blond hair. Yummy …

Well, I stayed up late last night, watching a cute, gay-themed movie about coming out to friends and family. I had some good laughs, but stayed up later than I should have. As a result, I slept until 9:30 this morning and got a late start on the day.

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on south Florida and possibly visiting Florida’s west coast, I’m trying to start preparations for evacuating from my home and possibly living without electricity or running water for a time. I have to gather my insurance policies and other important papers to take with me, and stow away loose items on my patios so they don’t turn into missiles if the wind’s blowing hard.

See the young man to the left here. A while back he posted several very explicit photos of himself, somewhere on the Internet. I’ve since run across them any number of times and they are quite …. stimulating. I’ll provide a link to the photos at the end of this post.

My biggest concern this morning was filling my car’s gas tank. I tried to do that yesterday on my way home from the YMCA but all the stations I visited were already sold out. This morning I got on the phone and found a station about five miles from me where they had gas. I immediately drove over there, and though I had to wait in a short line, I was able to fill my tank. Success ….

The streets of my island were pretty deserted when I drove home from the gas station. The hotels are pretty much empty and a lot of folks who live here year-round have already evacuated. Me? I’ll stay until I know for certain the hurricane’s headed my way. Then I’ll skedaddle.

It about one PM as I write these words and I have no idea what lies in store in the days ahead, But maybe we’ll get lucky and the hurricane will not hit Florida too hard. Wish me luck, friends.

Oh, and here’s that link to our boy’s photos. This is over-eighteen stuff, by the way:

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