Shirtless and hot; quiet Saturday in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the guy to the left here. Now, if he were your boyfriend would you ever let him wear a shirt around the house? Of course you wouldn’t, he’s just too gorgeous walking around with no shirt and his shorts unbuttoned. It’s almost like he’s begging to be manhandled. Aye-yi-yi, I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s…Robert from Winnipeg, Canada. He’s never been laid but he thinks about it all the time. Who will be his first?

I was up in the wee hours this morning, wide awake and restless. So I made myself a drink and I did some editing on my novel-in-progress. Around four AM I went back to bed and then I slept until ten AM.

Now it’s about 1:30 PM on Saturday and I have not done much productive. I read the newspaper and did the L.A. Times crossword puzzle, and that’s about it. Hey, it’s Saturday, so laziness is okay.

All right, now have a look at Mr. Auburn Hair to the left here. He was born to live shirtless, in my opinion. Definitely boyfriend material, no doubt about it.

So, what in store for the rest of my day? Not a whole lot. I have some housework to do and I will take a two-mile run around four PM. My Florida Gators will play football against Kentucky at 7:30 tonight and I will certainly be watching. Beyond that I don’t have much planned and that’s okay.

Oh, someone asked me what my novel-in-progress is all about, and I tried to explain that it’s complicated. My main character is a college freshman in the 1969-70 school year. He and his roommate fall in love but there are multiple complications, including mental illness, disparity in family wealth, and a separate love interest who keeps interrupting things. Does that make any sense?

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

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