Two hot guys in backward ball caps; busy day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I love the look of a backward ball cap on a good-looking young man, like our friend to the left here. I stress the word “young” because nothing looks more silly than a 40-year-old guy with a beer gut walking around with his ball cap turned backward. It’s not age appropriate.

Well, I am posting late today because I was busy until right now. If you follow this site then you know I have a fishing camp reachable only by boat. I keep my boat in a marine about six miles from the camp. And when Hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida I had to put the boat on a trailer and take it someplace safe. That was over three weeks ago.

Today a good friend spent the day helping me get the boat back in the water at the marina, and the returning the trailer to the place where I keep it. This involved spending about four hours in the car, driving up there and back, but now the boat’s floating in its slip and the trailer’s back where it belongs.

As a gesture of gratitude, I am taking my friend out to dinner tonight, and then to a movie at a theater. I don’t normally do theaters, but tonight if discount night at AMC theaters, so we’ll go see Blade Runner. I’ll let you know if it’s any good.

Right now I’m freshly showered and dressed, and ready for a nice evening with my friend. We are dining on Thai cuisine tonight, which is among my favorites. Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends.