A sexy hitchhiker; another perfect morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was a junior in college and Christmas break arrived, I decided to do something unusual. I hitchhiked from Florida all the way to San Francisco and back. I made the trip in about ten days and I only spent $100. Oftentimes I slept outdoors in a sleeping bag. But several people let me stay in their homes and others bought me meals. I met some very nice folks along the way, and never once felt threatened.

My friends and family though I was crazy for doing the trip, but it was a decision I have never regretted. My family didn’t have money for travel when I was young, so I had never seen most of the country before my journey. The trip really opened my eyes and gave me more confidence that I could handle myself in challenging situations if I needed to.

Now, look at the guy in today’s photo post. If you saw him standing on a road shoulder with his thumb out, do you think you’d give him a lift. I know would. 😉

I’ve had a busy morning. I wrote fresh material for my new novel. My repair man came to fix two things, and after he left I took a three mile walk, here on the island. It’s beautiful here this morning: sunny, about 75 degrees F, and a gentle breeze. What a great time of year to live in Florida. 🙂

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.

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