Boys and belts; Martin has a head cold ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s a sad fact that certain young men require a regular does of discipline to keep them on the straight and narrow. A session with a belt can do wonders for a young man’s attitude. Bratty behavior? Gone. Bad grades? Watch them improve dramatically after regular discipline becomes a part of a guy’s life.

A few days ago I developed a dry cough, and I suspected that meant I was coming down with something. Then this morning I woke feeling congested and lethargic. Yeah, I have a head cold, which I always hate. A cold spoils everything: food, drink, exercise and sex. What’s left? 🙁

By the way, the lower photo I have posted here has always fascinated me. It comes from the 1970’s, I believe, and I have always wondered what sort of message the photographer was trying to send by posing the scantily-clad model holding a leather belt. Is the lad due for some discipline?

Due to my head cold I won’t be driving into town to spend the evening with my good friend, as I normally would do. I’ll stay home and dine on soup. I’ll guzzle apple juice and pop my cold capsules to control my symptoms. What fun …. 🙁

Have a nice Thursday, friends.