Thinking deep thoughts; quiet Sunday on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes I think the whole world has gone nuts.

About seven months ago my partner of seven years announced he was breaking up with me. I never saw it coming, but in hindsight I probably should have. Since then I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. It hasn’t been fun but I have survived and now I’m feeling pretty good about my life again.

Recently I spent four days with my boyhood/college best friend and his wife in North Carolina. It was a great experience for me and I really enjoyed myself. My friends seemed to be oh-so-happy, but today the husband called me to tell me they are getting divorced. Huh?

Well, it just goes to show you that you never know what’s really going on in peoples’ private lives until they tell you.

I’m into Day Five of my nasty head cold, but it’s finally beginning to clear up. Right after I finish this post I will throw together a simple lunch. Then I’ll slip into my swim trunks, put on my straw hat, and take a three-mile walk on the beach down the street from my house. It’s a pretty day outside: sunny, still and not too warm. Perfect beach weather. 🙂

Have a nice Sunday, friends.

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  1. I always find it interesting when I come across a couple that has been together for 50 years or more. You see that old couple living together who have been together since high school. It’s like love exists but it’s really hard to find. Emma Stevens made a song called Helium that talks about when she was eight years old she was given a beautiful heart shaped balloon. I will just post the lyrics.

    “When I was a little kid
    You gave me the greatest gift
    A beautiful heart shaped balloon
    I was way too young to know
    The more you try to keep a hold
    The easier it is to lose
    As it drifted away I was broken
    Cos suddenly everything changed
    For once in my life
    I realised
    That I’d never see it again
    Always trying to escape
    Every precious atom floating into space
    Now that you’re gone
    I’m left on my own
    And suddenly love’s not a game
    It’s like I’m 8 years old, tears in my eyes
    Trying to understand, gazing at the sky
    Every time we fall in love
    We give a little piece of us
    Give a little piece of us away
    Even though we all know that
    We’ll never ever get it back
    Once that perfect love begins to fade
    As you drifted away I was broken
    Cos suddenly everything changed
    An echo through time
    I realised
    I’ll never see you again

      1. A couple weeks ago I started a new job as an IT Tech so I could get some experience so that way I would have it on my resume. That place was the most disorganized mess I have ever seen in a company and I was the only IT person in that place. Every time I asked a question because I needed information on a password or how something had been set up nobody seemed to have an answer. The owner wanted me to upgrade his computer and transfer everything over and make it exactly the way it was on the old system. He didn’t bother to tell me any of his passwords, user accounts or anything for that matter. Thursday is when shit hit the fan because I was getting emails in all CAPITAL letters telling me how nothing is working and a bunch of other crap. I was at school at the time so I drove my ass all the way over to that place to hook his old computer back up. That night when I was about to leave work I went into his office because I needed another username and account for the server that they used. He said to me that why should I even trust you with that. After what you did with my computer I have no confidence in you. He said that they told me that you knew everything. He then forced me to apologize about me giving him an incomplete system. I sent an email that night to the hr woman who was well aware of everything that has been going on and I explained my frustrations with this job and how I can’t get the proper information in order to do my job properly and at the end I simply stated that I am starting to feel that this job just isn’t working out very well. The next day I get an email back from her saying “Good morning Dalton, I understand, I do have your pay stub and you will receive your final check on the 17th”. I emailed her back and said I will see how it goes tonight. Two hours go by and I get a reply back stating that they have decided to move forward in finding a Full Time IT guy and the bitch thanked me for my time and wished me the best of luck. What was really sad in that place was how the owner keeps track of his passwords and important information. They are written on these note cards in really tiny writing all squished together with some of them crossed out or not even legible. The few times I did ask him for a password he would sit the at his desk shuffling through all these note and pulling out these pieces of paper with things written on them that I had no idea as to what it was for. The worst part about this whole thing was that I had put in my notice at my old job and decided to just work at my new job which is no longer and now I am making a desperate attempt to get my old position back at my old job. I feel so stupid.

        1. Hi, Dalton:

          Don’t feel stupid. You never know what a new job entails until you get on board, and then you very quickly know whether it’s a good fit. This one clearly was not. If you can’t get your old job back you will find another, rest assured. There was no way you were going to make the boss at your new job happy. Chalk it up to experience.


  2. I’m glad you’re feeling much better and getting around really well now. The weather down there must be mild this time of year. Oh well, am happy I live here in the rainy Pacific Northwest while an Indian Summer is quickly changing. Still nice to go for my walks tho. The first pic is of actor Colin Ford, an extraordinary talent and very nice guy. He’s best known for playing young Sam Winchester on TV’s Supernatural. Plus many other roles. Thanks for showing one of his pics. He has amazing abs by the way. Thanks Martin and take care.

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