Beautiful surfer boys; Martin’s feeling better ….

Hi, friends and readers

Until my knees gave out about five years ago, I used to make monthly trips to Florida’s east coast to surf. I own a board and all the other necessary gear to surf, and though I’m not very good I do enjoy the sport. Two and one-half years ago I had knee replacement surgery, and now I am able to surf again. I went over to Brevard County two months ago and tried surfing again. Things went pretty well, and I look forward to future surfing trips.

One of the great things about surfing is all the hot guys who participate in the sport. Many have amazing bodies, like Evan Geiselmen to the left here. Baby ….

I am finally recovering form my nasty head cold. I would say I am about 80 percent back to my normal self, but I’m not going to push things. I’ll refrain from going to the gym today. Instead I’ll take a three-mile walk, here on the island, for some gentle exercise.

Last night, two good friends took me out for a belated birthday dinner at a nice seafood restaurant. A had a really nice seafood and pasta dish that tasted amazing. We drank a bottle of red wine before going to the restaurant, and we had some laughs as well. It was a wonderful evening and I feel so fortunate to have good friends like those two.

I don’t have too much on my plate today. After lunch I’ll take my walk. I need to do some cleaning over at my vacation rental apartment. Then around 3:30 PM I’ll drive to Tampa airport to pick up my friend who’s flying up from Key West. He’s taking me out to dinner tonight, so it should be a pleasant evening.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.