Sexy and shirtless; Martin’s off for the city ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Iv’e said this many times: there are certain young men who should never wear a shirt, except maybe to church or a restaurant. Other than than, forget it. I mean, have a look at Mr. Park Bench to the left here. Does he have a beautiful body or what? Aye-yi-yi, and I like the way his boxer shorts are peeking out from the waistband of his soccer shorts.  Perfection …. 😉

Well, I think I am finally out of the woods with the head cold I came down with last Wednesday. My energy level is up and I have a better mental attitude today.

Unless something changes I think I’ll visit the YMCA tomorrow for a workout and a lap-swimming session. I’m ready for some serious exercise after a week long hiatus.

The young man to the left here is an Instagram celeb named Dylan Dauzat who I think is originally from Louisiana. Okay, he’s cute as hell, but I have seen some of his YouTube  videos and he’s a total twit, completely talentless.

As mentioned this morning, in just a little while I will drive into the city to spend the evening with an old friend I have known since their grade. We’ll drink a few beers, swap stories, and dine on takeout from a nearby restaurant. It’s a Thursday ritual I always enjoy, and since I missed last week due to my head cold, I’m really looking forward to tonight.

Have a nice Thursday evening, friends.

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