Beautiful basketball players; gray skies on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

There’s a public basketball court about a dozen blocks from my house and I walk or run past it most every day. Often there are groups of young men playing a game, many of them shirtless and looking oh so sexy. I’ll often grab a seat on a bench to watch them play for a little while.

What do you think of Mr. Blondie to the left here? Imagine running your fingers through his hair while the two of you writhe on a mattress. Yummy ….. 😉

I went to bed very early last night, right around 9:30, and yet I did not wake up this morning till around nine. I don’t know why I’m sleeping so much lately, but I guess it’s okay.

Since today is Tuesday, it errand-running time for me: supermarket to buy food for Thanksgiving, wine market, and drug store. I have a half-dozen phone calls I need to make, and correspondence to tend to.

I also have some yard work I need to take care of, and I’ll take a two mile run around 4:30 this afternoon.

Now, the young man to the left here has become quite well known over the Internet for some very explicit photos he posted of himself. I used to have the link to the photos included in my “favorites” but I don’t have it any longer. Sorry guys.

Anyway, I will stay busy today but I have no plans for my evening, other than spending a little time on my observation deck, watching sailboats cruise by my house. I may visit my timeshare down the street to soak in the hot tub if the weather permits as well.

Oh, I just found the link to the boys’ photos:

All right, everyone, I must get busy, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Tuesday, wherever you might be today. Keep smiling. 🙂