Beautiful guys in black-and-white. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know how much I like black-and-white photography. I saved two of my newest favorites for this morning, since it’s Thanksgiving. Isn’t the blond boy to the left here beautiful. He reminds me of my college fraternity brother named Ross, who I lusted after every time we showered together.

If you follow this website, then you know I broke up with my partner of seven years, back in March 2017. Today was the first Thanksgiving I woke up alone since 2009, and it felt a little weird. But I’m going to make the most out of my day nonetheless.

Right now it’s raining outside, which doesn’t actually bother me. We get so much sunshine and heat in Florida, so rainy and cool is okay.

I don’t have a complicated day ahead of me, really. I’ll take a three-mile walk, right after lunch. Then I’ll get busy cooking. A friend I’ve known since middle school is having me over for dinner. He’s roasting the turkey and sweet potatoes. I’m making green bean casserole and stuffing, and I’m bringing apple pie and Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream for dessert. I’ll also bring a nice bottle of Savignon blanc.

Not too shabby, eh? Listen, wherever you are today, I hope you’ll have a nice Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. Keep smiling. It’s important.