The fine gay art of rimming; noisy morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Some people think the gay sexual practice of “rimming” is a vulgar activity, but it’s not if the guy getting rimmed has cleaned himself properly beforehand. And the sensation for both parties can be quite erotic. It looks like the young man getting rimmed in the upper photo is enjoying himself thoroughly, doesn’t it? Rimming is normally a prelude to butt sex, as it helps loosen the bottom guy up for penetration.

There is a construction project going on right next door to me. The old house that was over there was torn down and now a three-story residence is being built. This morning construction delivery trucks started arriving at 6:30, way too early in my opinion. They woke me up from a sound sleep and there was no way I was going back to sleep with all the racket, so at seven AM I got up and got busy. I made breakfast, then got busy writing new material for my novel in progress.

Oh, last night I had dinner with a good friends. Then we saw the new movie The Man Who Invented Christmas. It’s a wonderful movie: great acting, great sets and great costumes. It’s the story of how Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol back in the mid-1800s. I highly recommend it.

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone.