Hot video clips from Helix ….

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Hi, friends and readers:

You guys know I don’t post porn on this site since it’s intended for all ages, but occasionally I’ll come across some X-rated material I can’t resist sharing with those of you who are over eighteen. The link below will take you to some very hot video clips from a Helix Studios production. I don’t know who the smaller boy is, but he certainly is cute, plus he can really take it deep and hard. What a bottom …. 😉

Enjoy, guys ….

Boys and their cameras; it’s New Year’s Eve ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know, I know …. Selfies are generally boring. Do I really need to see that toilet brush? But sometimes the guys who post their pics are simply irresistible, like the two in today’s photo posts. I mean, look at the pecs and six-pack on the guy to the left here. Who could resist spending a night in the bedroom with him?

Okay, it’s New Year’s Eve today and I can truthfully say I am glad to see 2017 go away. It’s been a lousy year for me because I got dumped by my boyfriend of seven years, back in March, and I went through some pretty tough times.

I’m feeling much better now, however. I’m seeing other men fairly regularly, and I’m missing my ex-partner less and less as the days pass by. I’m beginning to realize that our breakup was actually the best thing for me. Funny how the passage of time changes your perspective.

All right, have a look at Mr. Boxer Briefs to the left here. Great body and nice bulge in his crotch. I could lick that happy trail dribbling from his navel for hours. 😉

So, back to New Year’s Eve…. Here are my plans: my good friend and neighbor will share dinner. I bought a nice New York strip steak I will grill over charcoal. I’m making a salad and my friend will provide an additional side. We’ll both supply some wine to share, and after dinner we’ll attend our neighbors’ annual New Year’s Eve party where fireworks are ignited. It’s always a fun gathering.

All right, everyone, I need to get busy around here, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful New Year’s Eve, wherever you might be today. And keep on smiling; it’s important. 🙂

Sexy guys, fast asleep; beautiful winter day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I lived in my fraternity house during college, I had a roommate named John. He was from Homestead, FL and a gorgeous guy. He was also quite immodest. He always slept naked, and usually without covers. I always looked forward to those mornings when I’d wake up before John did. I’d just sit on my bed and gaze at his beautiful body, imagining what it would be like to have sex with him. Sadly, I never found out. 🙁 John, where are you today?

I spent a very nice evening last night with a young man I made the acquaintance of a few months ago. He attends FSU in Tallahassee, but right now he’s home for the holidays, and last night we spent a lusty couple of hours. I fed him dinner and then he was on his way to a friend’s party. God, it was nice ….

I slept in quite late this morning, and right  now I’m savoring a cup of freshly brewed coffee before diving into my Saturday. I have a bit of yard maintenance to take care of this afternoon, over at my vacation rental’s patio.I’ll take a three-mile walk on the beach and also run two miles around four PM.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone.

Two more Speedo photos; chilly night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

You guys sure like photos of guys in Speedos, don’t you? Well, I’m not the type to disappoint my readers, so I’m putting two more up this evening, to start your holiday weekend right.

That lime green Speedo sure looks good on Mr. Suntan, doesn’t it?

I had a great workout and lap-swimming session at the YMCA this afternoon. I even got my own lap lane, a real luxury so I’m not getting kicked in the head by a lane mate. After a nice warm shower I left the Y feeling relaxed and ready for my weekend.

I have absolutely nothing planned for my Friday evening, which is fine. I have tasty Christmas dinner leftovers and a good bottle of Sauvignon blanc to enjoy, and I may build a blaze in my fire pit since it’s pretty chilly outside.

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I’m a huge Ashton Kutcher fan. I think he’s one of the sexiest men alive, plus he’s a good comic actor. I always liked him in “That 70’s Show”. Anyway, I discovered a Netflix series called The Ranch that stars Ashton, and it’s pretty funny, so I plan to watch a few episodes after dinner before I start my fire on the patio.

By the way, do you find Mr. Goggles to the left here as sexy as I do? I can’t believe those two guys behind him aren’t checking him out, but then straight guys are clueless when it comes to male beauty. Mr. Goggle could wear that Speedo around my house all day long if he wanted to. 😉

All right, everyone, I have a bit of work to do in the editing department, so I will close this Speedo post by wishing all of you a wonderful Friday night. Keep smiling. 🙂


More boys in Speedo swimsuits; overcast day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The Speedo swimsuit photos I posted yesterday were a huge hit, so I thought I’d put up two more of my favorites today. I think the young man to the left here is pretty amazing. Has a Speedo ever looked so good? I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s Pablo from Acapulco.

I spent a pleasant evening in the city with my friend. We dined on the Greek cuisine we were denied Christmas Eve, and the food was quite tasty, much better than McDonald’s.

I had another weird night where I woke up at four AM, feeling like I’d just drunk four cups of coffee. I poured a glass of white wine and read a biography of U. S. Grant, the Union general, for two hours until I fell asleep again.

I didn’t get out of bed until ten AM today. I don’t like sleeping in so late but my sleep cycle is all screwed up and I’ll just have to get it back to normal.

I don’t have a lot on my plate for today. After lunch I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. I’ll spend a little time on my observation deck at sunset time, to enjoy the sights. And then I have delicious Christmas dinner leftovers to enjoy. I’ll watch a little TV and play my guitar. That’s about it, and I’m fine with it.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

Boys in Speedo swimsuits; easy day in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

No other garment flatters a young man’s body like a Speedo swimsuit. The suit is revealing, yet leaves just a little to the imagination. I think the guy to the left here looks amazing in his, don’t you?

I went to bed super early last night, around 9:30 PM. I’m not sure why I was so tired, but I think it had to do with the fact I did a full workout and then swam a quarter-mile at the YMCA for the first time in six weeks. I guess my body needed the rest.

Anyway, I woke at five AM and ended up reading in bed for two hours before I finally got back to sleep. Then I didn’t wake until ten AM. What a crazy sleeping pattern. 🙁

Now it’s 11:30 AM and I have little to show for my morning, other than solving the L.A. Times crossword puzzle, which was pretty tough today. Right after I finish this post I’ll take a long walk on the island for some exercise. Then, after a simple lunch, I’ll visit the Verizon store to sign a new contract and get myself a new i-Phone. My i-Phone 5 isn’t holding a charge very well anymore, and the touch screen is losing sensitivity, so it’s time for a change.

Tonight I will drive into the city to spend the evening with an old friend. We’ll drink a few beers, swap stories and buy takeout for our dinner. It’s a Thursday ritual I always enjoy. Have a nice day, my friends, wherever you might be. And keep smiling, it’s important. 🙂

Beautiful men using pay phones; lovely morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

At least once a week I like t post black-and-white photos of beautiful guys, and this morning I’m featuring young men using pay phones. Where I live pay phones don’t exist anymore, so I don’t know where these photos were taken, but I certainly find them appealing. I mean, look at the abs on Mr. Phone Booth to the left here. Aye-yi-yi … 😉

I was up at eight this morning, feeling rested and ready for a good day. I hit the bed around 10:30 last night and slept like a log.

I submitted my latest novel to my publisher yesterday, and also finished reviewing copy edits on another novel that will come out soon. So I don’t have any tasks on my plate in the writing department today, and that feels kind of weird. I want to get busy on a new book real soon, but first I’ll need to figure out what kind of book I want to write. The last one was set in 1969-70, but the next will be set in contemporary times, I guess. We’ll see.

It’s a beautiful morning, here on the island. The sub is shining, the temperature’s around 70 degrees F, and the wind is minimal. Around eleven AM I’ll take a three-mile walk for some exercise. Then, right after lunch, I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and a lap-swimming session in the indoor pool.

I have to be truthful about something: I’m glad Christmas is behind me. It felt so strange doing holiday activities without my former partner, and while I enjoyed the holiday somewhat, it just wasn’t the same as it used to be. Well, maybe next year will be different.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with my evening, but that’s okay. I need to spend a little alone time right now, after all that’s gone on that past several days. Have a nice Wednesday, friends, wherever you might be today.

Tom Daley wedding photo; quiet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since everyone liked my Tom Daley post from this morning I thought I’d post one more photo this evening, this one taken at Tom’s wedding where he married Dustin Black. It looks like it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and the wedding couple certainly seemed to be happy. I’m so proud of Tom for being himself and not letting naysayers intimidate him in  any way.

I just returned form a pleasant two-mile run. The afternoon is still and cool, and after a day of overcast skies, the sun has finally emerged. My friend/neighbor is coming over this evening to share a bottle of wine with me and to dine on the leftovers from the meal we served our guests last night.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

Beautiful Tom Daley; gloomy morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I meant to put up the photo to the left before Christmas, but forgot to, so I’m putting it up today. The model is, of course, British Olympic diver Tom Daley, who is one of my heroes. Back in 2012 Tom won a bronze medal at the summer Olympics. Two years later he came out as gay on YouTube, causing an avalanche of negative comment in social media and the British press, but Tom handled it all with humor and grace. Then he competed in the 2016 summer Olympics and won another bronze medal.

Earlier this year Tom married his longtime boyfriend Dustin Black in a beautiful ceremony.

Good for you, Tom. I am so proud of you, not for your diving accomplishments, but for your courage in teaching us all the importance of being true to yourself, even if it means enduring cruelty and criticism.

Here’s another photo of Tom I really like. He just so cute. 🙂

The Christmas dinner I co-hosted last night was a complete success. The weather was too chilly to dine outdoors, so we dined at my house. There were six of us. The food and wine were delicious and so was the company. It could not have been a nicer gathering. Our guests even helped me clean up the kitchen afterward. What more could I ask for?

This morning I slept until nine AM, and then I got busy with my day. After a quick breakfast I submitted my new novel to my publisher. It’s 75,000 words and took me six months to write. Normally I don’t take that long to write a novel, but my breakup with my ex-partner in March sort of put my creative juices on hold for a few months. Now I’m back in the groove and eager to start on a new book. 🙂

It’s a gloomy morning, here on the island. I don’t have a lot planned for my day. I’ll take a three-mile walk in just a bit, for some pre-lunch exercise. After lunch I’ll tend to correspondence and pay bills online. I need to hit the wine market this afternoon, and then I’ll take a two-mile run around four PM.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

Christmas greetings to all my friends and readers ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Sorry I can’t send you a printed card through the postal service, but the one to the left will have to do. If you follow this site then you know I live on a tropical island. The Gulf of Mexico is steps from my front door. So I think a tropical-themed card is in order this year. I hope you like it.

I spent Christmas Eve with an old friend last night. We planned to buy takeout from our favorite Greek restaurant, but disaster struck. They were closed. 🙁 So was every other place we called. We got in my car and drove around, looking for some place that was open. Turned out the only place that was doing business was McDonald’s, so I had a double cheeseburger and fries for my Christmas Eve dinner. 🙁 Next year I’ll prepare food in advance that we can warm up in the microwave. No more McDonald’s for Martin on Christmas Eve (or any other day, honestly).

It’s a picture perfect day, here on the island. The sun is shining, there’s no wind, and the temperature’s about 70 degrees F. After I enjoy a simple lunch I’ll take a three-mile walk on the beach for some exercise.

Around 4:30 PM my neighbor and I will host a gathering for ourselves and four other people. My neighbor’s making a shrimp dish and I’m preparing a large salad and garlic bread. Our guests will bring snacks and dessert. We plan to dine outdoors since the weather’s so nice. My neighbor’s home is directly on the Intracoastal Waterway so we’ll have a million dollar view while we enjoy our meal. What could be better?

Have a Merry Christmas, friends.