Ah, the joy of college boys; Martin’s home from Tallahassee ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Friday I traveled to Tallahassee (a five hour drive) to visit a boy who’s a student at Florida State University, where I attended law school. We spent a very enjoyable weekend together and he turned out to be a lusty guy in my hotel room. (Lucky me.) 🙂

This morning, I drove home, leaving Tallahassee around eleven AM. I have always liked Tallahassee with its moss-draped live oaks and towering pine trees. There’s some interesting architecture and the people are friendly. I also dined on some interesting cuisines the two nights I was there.

I just arrived at my home about an hour ago, and after I unpacked I took a nice shower and now I am savoring a cold beer I just opened. Boy, it tastes so crisp and refreshing. 🙂

Outside it’s a gorgeous fall day: sunny, still and about 80 degrees F. In about a half hour I’m  going to sit on my observation deck to watch sailboats cruise by my house and also to watch sunset. I have leftovers I just took out of the freezer for my dinner, and I have a nice bottle of white wine to enjoy with it.

By the way, do you find the young man to the left here as enticing as I do? What great hair and skin, and a beautiful slender build. Just the kind I like. 😉

I don’t have much planned for my  evening. After the weekend I just spent I’m a little tired and just want to relax in my home. I enjoyed my trip to Tallahassee, but trying to keep up with a fraternity boy is a bit of a challenge.

All right, everyone, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Sunday evening, wherever you might be.

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