Beautiful guys in black-and-white; Martin’s in recovery ….

Hi, friends and readers: I love good quality black-and-white photography, particularly when the subject of the photo is a handsome young man like the two in today’s photo posts.

Have a look at Mr. Wavy Hair to the left here. He has beautiful facial features and he clearly knows how attractive he is. I wonder what he’d behave like in the bedroom?

Well, I saw my doctor yesterday. He couldn’t determine what caused the problem with my left foot but the top of the foot is clearly infected. It’s swollen and sore. So he prescribed an antibiotic that involves pills so large they look like they’re intended for farm animals. I took one yesterday and another this morning. The swelling has already gone down a little and the pain is a bit less than yesterday, but the doctor made it clear that I can’t go to the gym or take a run until next week. ūüôĀ

Have a look at Mr. Sailor Boy to the left here. Isn’t he beautiful? He reminds me of my character Tyler in a short story I wrote titled “Fuck Me…Please”. Okay, I know that title sounds a little weird, but if you read the story you’ll understand the title. It’s included in my short fiction anthology titled¬†Sebastian Inlet.¬†In the story, an ex-Marine fresh out of service trades his virginity to a Navy man, in exchange for lodgings in San Francisco. It’s a very sexy story with a sweet ending.

Here’s how the story’s narrator, Forrest, describes Tyler when they first meet:

“I checked him out while he ordered a beer. He was¬†my age, probably five-ten, maybe one hundred and fifty¬†pounds. He had what I call “pretty boy” features: a turned up
nose, dick-sucking lips, and craggy cheekbones. His¬†eyelashes were long, like a girl’s. When he blinked, it was¬†hard not to notice the eyelashes. His hair was dark, cut
short on the sides, a bit of length on top. He turned his face¬†toward mine, and before I could look away, our gazes met.”

I won’t be doing much today, other than editing my novel-in-progress and maybe doing a some light housework. I have to stay off my feet as much as possible, the doctor said. Anyway, have a nice Friday, everyone. And keep smiling, it’s important. ūüôā

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