Beautiful Luke Halpin; hectic day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you weren’t around in the early 1960’s then you’ve probably never heard of the TV actor named Luke Halpin. That’s him to the left. In the new book I’m writing, the narrator is a gay college student who had a crush on Luke Halpin as a young teen. Here’s what he said about Luke:

“I am also queer as a flamingo; I figured that out the first time I viewed a television show called Flipper when I was thirteen. The show starred a bottle-nosed dolphin and a sinewy blond boy named Luke Halpin who frequently appeared shirtless in the show. Mostly he wore only a skimpy pair of cutoff blue jeans.

“Luke had a washboard stomach, shoulders that bulged like softballs and a chest that looked like it was carved from marble. The first time I saw him I grew so excited I thought I might bust through the zipper on my shorts. After that I never missed an episode of Flipper during the three years it aired because—and I’ll freely admit this—I was insanely in love with Luke Halpin. He became my go-to fantasy whenever I lay in my bed at night and touched myself under the sheets.

“Oh, Luke….”

Hey, as a teen in that era, I never missed an episode of Flipper either. I couldn’t wait to fantasize about getting physical with Luke as I watched him run around in those cutoff jeans.

I’m posting late today because I had a rather hectic day. It started with a visit to our local IRS office to correct a major error my CPA made on my 2016 tax return. The error won’t hurt me financially but it needed fixed. Then I traveled to another government office where I waited tow hours before I was seen. After I came home and had my lunch (at 2:30 PM), I hit to road again to visit the wine market, the bank, and then a department store at a mall to return a sweater I bought online that did not fit me right.

Now it’s well past five PM and I am ready for a relaxing evening here at home. I’m having a drink with my neighbor and then I’ll have leftovers for dinner. There’s a Netflix movie I want to stream after dinner, so I’m good.

Have a nice Tuesday evening, friends.

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