It’s Christmas Eve and time to deck the halls ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s Christmas Eve 2017. I found this photo several months ago and decided to save it for posting until today. Isn’t it heartwarming? I’ve actually never decorated a tree while naked but maybe one day I’ll give it a try if I ever find myself another partner.

It’s been very difficult for me to “get in the Christmas spirit” this year. Back in March I broke up with my partner of seven years, and the breakup was not my choice, it was my partner’s. I never even saw the breakup coming, so it left me feeling stunned and sad. For months I sort of sleepwalked through life. I’m feeling far better now, but I still didn’t feel like putting up a tree or sending out Christmas cards this year. It’s not fun putting up a tree by yourself. But I did manage to bake my traditional Christmas cookies to distribute to my neighbors in holiday tins. And I put up a few decorations to make my home more festive. So at least I did those things.

I don’t have much planned for my day other than taking a two-mile run this afternoon. This evening I will drive into the city to share a Christmas Eve dinner with one of my oldest friends. We’ll have a few beers and get some takeout from our favorite Greek restaurant. He has his house fully decorated with lights and it will be a fine way to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Have a great day, my friends.

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  1. Nice picture. Wish you a merry Christmas & Of course a very happy New Year!! Don’t feel unloved, you have lots of friends online who feel your warmth. Best regards, Bobby

  2. Martin, have been enjoying your posts and photos for a short while, but not commenting. But today’s post really draws me to respond, to let you know you’re not alone. I’m in a similar position. My lover and husband died suddenly in mid-March from heart failure, after seven and a half years of the greatest love affair of my life. I’m 69, so I’ve had lots of partners to compare that relationship to. I fully intend to find another “greatest love of my life.” The first holidays without him are tough, so I’m stayiing with a best friend in San Francisco, and joining a dozen friends tomorrow for Christmas potluck dinner. My partner and I celebrated with them the last three years, so they all knew him and understand what I’m going through. I knew I didn’t want to be home alone, so I’m so glad I have an extended family to be with. You’re also fortunate you have so many good friends that you can hang out with so regularly. Keep it up (that’s an admonition to myself as well). Thanks for the modeling. Oh, and I never thought of trimming a tree naked. Great idea!
    Take care.

    1. Hi, Richard:

      Thanks for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss. Like you, I’m feeling especially lonely during the holidays, but my friends will get me through them. It’s important to not give up on life and love, even when we’re in our 60’s. I know one day I’ll find another man to share life with. All the best.


  3. Hi Martin, I read your blog today (as I do everyday) and I’m especially sorry for the loss of your 7 year love today. I had 3 1/2 year hopes – my friend from Ireland. He finally came over but didn’t stay more than 5 weeks. He was homesick. I alternate between anxiety and depression with depression in the lead. I cling to hope but don’t know if that’s realistic. Aside from keeping busy, any suggestions? I started therapy with a psychologist and she’s very good. I see her twice a week and hope for better days ahead.

    I feel for you Martin,


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