Happy New Year to all my friends and readers ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s New Year’s Day 2018 and I want to wish all of you the best twelve months you can possibly have. It’s a time for new beginnings and also a time to reflect on our blessings. Above all, it’s time to appreciate the family and friends we share our lives with.

As mentioned in an earlier post, 2017 was not a very happy year for me, due to my breakup with my partner of seven years. But I’ve just about put all of that behind me and now I’m focused on my future and finding  another person to share my days with, He’s out there somewhere, I just know it.

I rose at mid-morning after attending a nice New Year’s Eve party at my neighbors’ home. I’m afraid I didn’t make it to midnight, however. I was just too tired. So I came home about 11:30 PM and climbed into bed.

The YMCA was open today, so around one PM I drove into the city for a workout, and I’m so glad I did. My workout was thorough and there were even some cute guys in the gym to gaze at as I lifted weights and did my calisthenics.

By the way, speaking of cute guys, I think the boy to the left here is adorable. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s…Brandon from Ames, Iowa.

I don’t have a lot planned for my Monday evening, other than dining on leftovers from last night and maybe watching some college football. I’ll drink a few beers and then try to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

All right, everyone, I hope you’re having a nice holiday today. Behave yourselves because tomorrow is a workday for most of you. And keep smiling, it’s important.

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