Beautiful blond guys; pretty afternoon on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m attracted to fair-skinned guys with dark hair and eyes; that’s my thing. But I know many of you out there are huge fans of young men with blond hair and blue eyes, so I thought I put up a couple of my favorite “beautiful blond guy” photos for your viewing pleasure.

Nice buns on Mr. Bubble Butt to the left here, eh? What do you suppose is going on there?

I didn’t have time to post this morning, so this one’s going up late, I know. Hey, it’s better than no post at all, right?

My IT guy is working very hard to restore this site to its former glory. The disruption of the site over the past ten weeks has damaged by traffic and my book sales, but we’re getting back in the groove now.

By the way, do you find Mr. White T-shirt to the left here as appealing as I do. Beautiful hair, skin and eyes. Definitely boyfriend material.

I had a good workout at the YMCA this afternoon but wasn’t able to swim laps because the pool was too crowded. Oh well, maybe I’ll get to swim later in the week. After the YMCA I hit the supermarket to replenish my food and beverage supplies that got depleted over the weekend. Now my fridge and cupboards are stocked. I am freshly showered and ready for a relaxing evening.

Have a nice Monday evening, friends.