Boys with sexy abs; windy and gloomy weather on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

A set of rippling abdominal muscles is one of nature’s finest gifts to the lucky young men who sport them. A guy only has defined abs for a short period of time. By the time he turns twenty-five they’ve already disappeared, never to return. So we have to admire a young man’s abs while he has them, and what’s not to like about the guys in today’s photo posts?

After dining out and watching Love, Simon last night I spent a couple of hours on my back porch, sipping wine and listening to my patio fountain gurgle. It was so lovely outside, but then my eyelids grew heavy and I got myself to bed.

I slept until ten AM this morning, and after I brewed coffee and made a quick breakfast I got busy with my initial tasks for the day: taking out the trash and recycling stuff, loading up the dishwasher and making my bed.

My winter tenants departed Friday morning and I have new people form Nova Scotia arriving April 4th, so this afternoon I will do a thorough cleaning next door so the place is fresh for the new folks’ arrival. Yeah, cleaning is never fun but it’s a necessary part of vacation rentals.

Outside it’s overcast and windy. It rained early this morning and everything outdoors is damp. But I actually don’t mind since it will deter all the tourists from coming to my island today. I’m sick of the clogged traffic they cause. 🙁 Have a nice Saturday, friends.

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