Getting naked in nature; Martin’s back from his north Florida adventure ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s funny how getting out in nature can cause a guy to lose his inhibitions. The next thing you know his clothes are off and he’s prancing around in his birthday suit. The guy to the left certainly seems to enjoy getting to know that fallen tree, doesn’t he? I like the way the sunlight falls onto his butt and thighs. Beautiful …. 😉

Well, a friend and I departed the city Wednesday around one PM. We drove 2-1/2 hours northward to spend two nights at a beautiful state park right on the Suwanee River with a fresh water spring the size of six tennis courts. The weather was perfect: sunny, dry and cool.

Thursday morning a canoe outfitter rented us a canoe and shuttled us up river. Then we canoed ten miles down the Suwanee. I have canoed many Florida rivers but not that one, and the experience was very special. We saw few people on the river, but plenty of birds, turtles, and leaping Gulf sturgeons.

The cabin we rented in the park was almost posh compared to most I’ve stayed in, and Thursday afternoon we took a nice four-mile hike in another state park where we passed through a variety of north Florida ecosystems.

Now I’m home and unpacked, ready for a relaxing evening at home, here on the island. I’ll drink a few beers, fix a simple dinner, and probably watch a Netflix movie I received in the mail a few days ago. Have a nice Friday night, friends.