Hot boys and their cameras; windy morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I find most selfies rather boring. I mean, do I really want to know what sort of hair care products you keep on your bathroom vanity? U-m-m-m, no. But occasionally I’ll come across some interesting selfies and I’ll share them with you guys, for your viewing pleasure.

Our friend to the left here certainly looks good in those skimpy blue briefs he’s sporting. If her were my boyfriend I’d insist he wear them around the house frequently, and mean only the briefs, nothing else. Yummy …. 😉

I went to bed relatively early last night, and then I woke up at four AM, wide awake. I read for 90 minutes before going back to sleep, and I woke around eight AM, ready for my busy day.

I spent two hours writing fresh material for my novel-in-progress. Then I did the N.Y. Times crossword puzzle. Now it’s 11:30 a.m. and nearly time for lunch.

By the way, do you find the young man to the left here as appealing as I do? There are some very explicit photos of him floating around the Internet, and I will provide a link to them at the end of this post.

After lunch today I will drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming. I’ve only visited the “Y” once in the past ten days because of my recent travels, so I am eager to get back into my exercise groove. After the “Y” I will visit my CPA to sign my 2017 federal tax return. I have a few errands to run on my way home, and then neighbors are hosting me for dinner tonight, a real treat. 🙂

Outside it’s very windy. A cool front swept into central Florida overnight, following some very blustery weather that hit us yesterday in the late afternoon. Well, at least the sun is shining. Have a nice Monday, everyone. Oh, and here’s that link:

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