Beautiful Timothee Chalamet ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you saw the film Call Me By Your Name (And if you didn’t you’re freakin’ nuts.) then you surely remember the young actor Timothee Chalament who played the main character, Elio. Chalamet did a wonderful job and earned himself an Oscar nomination for his performance. He is also an extraordinarily beautiful young man who appeared shirtless in many scenes, much to the delight of gay viewers everywhere.

You  may also recall that Timothee had one nude scene, when he was changing into his swimsuit to join his lust object, Oliver, for a dip in the pool. At the end of this post I’ll provide a link to some clips from that scene, where we get a nice glimpse of Timothee’s lovely bare behind. If you’re a lover of the male rear end like me, you’ll salivate when you check these clips out. 😉

I was up early this morning, to visit a diagnostic lab to have blood drawn and to pee in a cup, all a prelude to my semi-annual checkup with my wonderful doctor. Yeah, I’m healthy as a horse, but at my age it’s important to stay on top of any issues that might arise, so I’ll see my doctor in about ten days and we’ll go over my test results together.

I’ve had a busy morning and now I’m about t have lunch. My afternoon will be filled with household chores: yard work, repair a door, paint a window facing, cleaning my kitchen and main bathroom, and hanging a new shower curtain. Not very exciting, but all necessary.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone, and here’s the link to those film clips of darling Timothee: