Boys and swimming pools; pretty evening on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here in Florida, we spend a lot of time in swimming pools. I owned three homes with pools and used them on an almost daily basis between April and December. And if I was lucky I’d be joined by one or two lovely guys like the two i today’s photo posts. We drink a few beers and enjoy the cool water. I especially liked swimming on warm nights under the moonlight.

I don’t have a pool on my property today, but I have a timeshare down the street with a great pool and hot tub I can use year-round. I wonder if the young man to the left here will be there tonight?  😉

I just returned home from a visit to the YMCA, where I had a great workout and then swam laps in the indoor pool. After a warm shower I left feeling relaxed and ready for a nice evening.

It’s a beautiful night, here on the island: warm, sunny and breezy. I just opened a cold beer and it has a nice, crisp taste to it.

Tonight I’m attending a meeting of loyal Democrats who dwell on my island. We’re having several local Democratic candidates speak. There will be a tasty meal, and hopefully a cash bar. After Trump got elected in 2016, I swore I’d never be a complacent voter again. I intend to get involved in the fall 2018 elections, to try and elect as many Democratic candidates as possible. Anyway, the meeting should be interesting.

After the meeting, I have no plans, and that’s okay. Have a nice Friday night, friends, and keep smiling. It’s important.

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