Hot guys and swimming pools; great workout for Martin today ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here in Florida, particularly during summertime, we love our swimming pools. They provide us with respite from the heat, exercise, and an opportunity to view some very lovely male flesh. How would you like to spend a few hours pool side with Mr. Backward Ball Cap to the left here. I’ll bet he can do amazing things with those lips of his. Aye-yi-yi ….

I’m home from the YMCA after a nice lap-swimming session and a great workout in the fitness center. It feels so good to get back into my exercise regimen, after nearly a month’s hiatus. Back in June I had a medical procedure performed on my left hand that left the palm f my hand quite sore, so I could not lift weights for a couple of weeks afterward. Then I went to my fishing camp for three days, then I left for Iceland. Busy, busy ….. Anyway, I’m feeling great and ready for spending a nice evening with my dinner guest, who is also one of my best friends.

Now, check out Mr. Speedo to the left here. He has the kind of body that is meant for Speedo swimsuits: long limbs, narrow in the hips, broad shoulders and zero body fat. I could watch him swim laps for hours. 😉

I ran a couple of errands on my way home from the Y, including stops at the liquor store and supermarket. Now I am all ready for hosting guests the next few days. Outside it’s overcast and muggy. We’re having a lot of rain in this area of Florida, almost every day, and we need it so I am fine with wet weather.

So far, everything on my website seems to be working just fine. I just hope it stays that way to I can once again provide you guys with a steady stream of scintillating posts and entertaining photos. Have a nice Wednesday evening, friends.

Beautiful boys with long hair; rainy morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was in college and law school I grew my hair quite long, past my shoulders in fact, and I thought it looked pretty good with my long limbs and lanky frame. My boyfriend liked it too. 🙂 But then I had to interview for jobs after law school and I went to a salon and had it cut short. End of Martin’s long hair days. 🙁

Oh, well, long hair is a pain in the butt to take care of, so I can’t say as I miss it, but I sure think the guys in today’s photo posts look good with their shaggy locks. The boy to the left definitely has a “rent boy” appearance, doesn’t he?Notice how his jeans are unbuttoned and his fingers have drifted into his briefs? I wonder how many pesos he charges per hour?

Well, my date called an cancelled on me last night, which is typical of young men his age. You just can’t count on them to keep their commitments. But I spent a pleasant evening at home, playing my guitar and sipping cold white wine. Not a bad way to pass the time.

Now, check out  Mr. Beach Boy to the left here. I think he may be Asian, or at least partially so, but check out those abs he’s sporting. Yummy …. 😉

It’s a rainy day, here on the island, and I have a lot to do. I’ll work on edits on my upcoming novel, I am almost done with the first round. After lunch I will drive into the city to swim laps and work out with weights at the YMCA. I’ll need to visit the wine market and and the supermarket on my way home, and then I am hosting a good friend for dinner this evening. I’m making one of my favorite meals: baked chicken with salsa and ranch dressing. Yummy again ….

It certainly feels gratifying to have my website up and running again, but it will take many months before my daily visit numbers get back to the three thousand per day mark I was hitting before the site crashed. Thanks to everyone who has written to say hello. And have a nice Wednesday, friends.