Sexy Kline Barfield; Martin’s back from fishing his fishing trip

Hi, friends and readers:

The young man you see to the left here is named Kline Barfield. I don’t know a thing about him, other than he’s a fashion model and deliciously handsome. I recently ran across the two photos I’m posting here and I figured you guys would enjoy them as much as I did, so here they are. He makes that white a-shirt look pretty hot,  don’t you think?

Well, I am back a day early from my fishing trip. That’s due to the fact that my fishing buddy who went with me got called for an important job interview tomorrow morning, so we cut thing short and came home today.

In spite of rainy weather and the shortened stay at my fishing camp, we had a wonderful time. It’s so pretty up there, and my friend caught a big redfish that he gave to me for my dinner tonight. Yummy ….

Here’s another Kline Barfield photo, this one in color. He has such lovely facial features, especially those lips. Aye-y-yi, they practically beg you to kiss them. 😉

It’s hot here on the island this afternoon, so I am hiding out the the air conditioning. I’ve already put away all the food and gear from the fishing trip, and I took a pleasant warm shower, and I’m just about to crack open a cold beer.

Tonight I’ll catch up on correspondence and make a few phone calls. I’ll cook my redfish and watch MSNBC while I dine in my office-den.

All right, everyone, it’s nice to be home and I wish all of you a wonderful Wednesday. Keep smiling, it’s important.

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