Best friends, sharing life; travel prep day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The photos I’m posting here this morning take me back to my teenage years, when I lived in a beach community. A boy my age named Curtis lived only a few blocks from me, and we became best friends, from middle school all the way through college. During summers, before we both landed jobs, we had no money and lots of time to kill. So we’d roam the beach, or “pool hop” at nearby motels. We’d investigate alleys and befriend stray animals. It probably seemed boring to us back then, but it really wasn’t. Life just moved at a slower pace.

Curtis is married now and lives near Ft. Lauderdale, but more than fifty years since we became best friends, we still stay in touch. In fact, I joined Curtis and his wife at their North Carolina vacation home last October, to spend several nights enjoying the cool weather, and dredging up old memories.

I think everyone in their teens deserves a best friend to share life with. The two of you share secrets you wouldn’t tell anyone else. And you share your sorrows too. A best friend is a special gift.

Speaking of friends, I spent yesterday evening with one my closest friends whom I have known since grade school. He struggles with mental illness and doesn’t get out much, so at least once a week I pay him a visit. We drink a few beers and order takeout for our dinner since he doesn’t like crowded restaurants.


I’ll devote today to final preparations for my three-week visit to Europe. I’ll water house and patio plants. I need to book a taxi ride to the airport. I’ll do my final packing and make sure everything’s ready to go when the taxi arrives tomorrow afternoon. I feel a bit OCD about how much time I’m giving myself to prepare, but I did this when I prepared for my Iceland trip and everything went off without a hitch. Hopefully, the same will hold true for my Europe excursion.

All right, everyone, tomorrow I will post once more before I depart, and then you won’t hear from me until September 2nd. Have a nice Wednesday, and keep smiling.