Beautiful guys with red hair; Martin’s back from Europe ….

Hi friends and readers:

I know some gay men don’t find red-haired guys attractive, but I can’t understand why. I find red hair intriguing, and while my experience with red-haired men is limited, I certainly enjoyed the few occasions when I got intimate with a “fire crotch” partner. I mean, who could pass up an hour in the bedroom with either guy in today’s photo posts? The guy in the upper photo reminds me of several Greek statues I saw during my European trip in August. What a body, and check out those butt cheeks. Aye-yi-yi ….

Well, last night, around seven PM, I returned home after spending three weeks in Europe. I visited several places in Germany, among them Hannover, Cologne, and Berchtesgaden. A friend and I did an auto tour of northern Italy, my first visit to that country. We spent time in Bolzano, Verona, Florence and Venice, all amazing places. But I think I liked Verona the best. The city has an intimate feel to it, with great architecture and a wonderful music scene. I saw a live performance of Romeo & Juliet there, which was great.

The photo to the left here was taken on the balcony of our hotel in Venice, overlooking the Grand Canal. And while I am not as pretty as the red-haired guys in today’s posts, I really like the photo.

This morning, after a good night’s sleep, I rose at seven AM and got right to work putting my household back together–paying bills, going through mail, and doing laundry. My house did just fine in my absence, no damage from the many thunderstorms that struck the area during my absence.

In just  few minutes I will hope into my Element and run a few errands: wine market, drug store and supermarket. I have no concrete plans for today, other than taking a three-mile walk on the beach and maybe doing some yard work if the heat is not too bad this afternoon.

Have a great Sunday, friends. And thanks for sticking with this site during my three-week hiatus.

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